Tube Forming Systems
Since 1968, Overton & Sons Tool & Die has had a history of being a leader in carbide tooling. With the carbide business growing rapidly, ownership decided to make the carbide business its own division in 1996, Overton Carbide Tool & Engineering. This has since been renamed Tube Forming Systems, a division of Overton Industries. Overton Industries – Tube Forming Systems is centered about the tube and pipe industry. Within this industry, Tube Forming Systems is made up of five distinct lines of business.
  1. End Forming Equipment
  2. Tube Mill Tooling
  3. Short Run Tube Production
  4. Automation & Cellular Integration
  5. Gages, Fixtures, Dies, & Precision Machining
The first segment of Tube Forming Systems focuses on end forming equipment. The division designs and builds custom end forming equipment for a multitude of industries. In 2004, Overton acquired Dickey & Son, which was a manufacturer of spin form machines in the Indianapolis area since the 1950’s. This gave Overton the ability to add a new line of equipment to their popular ram form machinery that they had been producing. Tube Forming Systems is the sole licensee designated to refurbish or make new any of the machines that were made by Dickey. Some of the forms our machines make are:
  • Expansion
  • Reduction
  • Flaring
  • Doming
  • Closing
  • Flanging
  • Beading
  • Grooving
  • Extrusion
The second segment of the business is dedicated to the tube mills that take the flat strips of material and make the tubing itself. Providing steel, carbide, and ceramic tooling to tube mill in the form of rolls, scarf tools, shafts, stands, cut-off blades, etc… we offer a whole line of tooling to be a mill’s go to supplier. The third segment of Tube Forming Systems is the short run production of tube forming processes. Whether it be in a Ram Form Machine, Spin Form Machine, Draw Press, or otherwise, we have the tools and solutions to run complex tube and deliver it on-time and on-target. If you don’t have the production levels to justify a new or used End Forming Machine, this may be the perfect solution for you. If you need prototyping levels of formed tube or up to 10,000 pieces, we have a price and solution that fits the bill. The fourth segment of the division is Automation & Cellular Integration. In 2006, Overton acquired Dressler Manufacturing, which has a long history of integrating automation and system components to make our customers more productive. Some of the automation capabilities are:
  • Load Cells, Cameras, Part Marking
  • Robot Integration, End of Arm Tooling
  • Part Manipulators, Transfer Devices
  • Part Conveyance, Escapements
  • Air Testing, Pressure, and Sensing
  • Torque Driving and Sensing
  • Glue/Grease Insertion
  • Part Washing
If any of these capabilities is something that you are in need of, please contact our engineering team for a tailored solution to put your production into overdrive. The final segment of Tube Forming Systems is Gages, Fixtures, Dies, and Precision Machining. One of the core competencies of the division is in dies. We design and build dies to do many different forms, holes, and features. Do you need a pierced hole, a form on one end and a flat on the other, a radius? We have been in the die design and engineering business since 1968 and have developed the tooling and resources needed to complete the job.