Delivery services are a key component to the customer experience. Whether that means specialty packaging or to your dock delivery of our tools on our fleet of vehicles, we have the equipment and experience it takes to keep your operation up and running. With a corporate fleet of vehicles, we have the variety and size of delivery vehicles that it takes to service our customers. From our 53 foot flatbed semi to the 16 foot flatbeds, to the delivery vans, Overton Industries has the resources to make sure that you have the tooling you need. Many times our customers will call with an urgent need and we can have a pickup scheduled within hours or even minutes. If the downtime of your tooling and equipment mean trouble within your operation, we urge you to call us to get you back to work. A few of the delivery options available are:
  1. Semi Tractor with 53’ Flatbed Trailer
  2. (1) 33,000lb International Flatbed
  3. (1) 26,000lb International Flatbed
  4. (1) 26,000lb Ford F-650 Flatbed
  5. (6) ½ Ton Truck or Heavier
  6. (3) Delivery Vans