Plastic Injection Molds
Since 1992, Overton Industries – Plastic Injection Molds has been a leader in the design and build of new molds for a variety of industries, including automotive, packaging, safety, and energy. Varying from 8” x 8” mold all the way up to a 60” x 60”, Plastic Injection Molds has the ability to build and maintain molds of almost any size. When it comes to new molds with Overton, we excel at the three most important stages in the building process.
  1. Estimating

    With a dedicated estimator for new molds as well as repair of molds, Overton has the ability to turn quotes around fast so that your projects stay on time and within budget. Combining 50 years’ experience in the estimation of molds and mold repair, you can expect quality quotes in a timely fashion that makes the RFQ process simple and easy.

  2. Engineering

    Using the latest in technology in design (Solidworks), Overton can bring your new mold to life within the 3D file. From concept to creation, our design department has the ability to fully engineer a part from beginning to end. Be it a mold for a pallet or an interior door panel, Overton has the experience to deliver a high quality, fully engineered design.

  3. Manufacturing

    Overton Industries – Plastic Injection Molds has the equipment and personnel to attack the most complex molds in the industry. From a multitude of EDM machines to our large bridge mill (96” x 120”), size does not become an issue for a majority of our customers. After manufacturing, Overton’s mold division utilizes a state of the art quality department that can insure that dimensions are held within tolerance and that the parts that you desire are delivered as ordered.

On your next mold project, let Overton Industries – Plastic Injection Molds be the partner that you can trust to delivery you a quality tool. Questions? Contact our Mold Division.