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How Kitting Adds Value to Precision Stamping Die Applications

04.28.21 | Blog

From pre-production material verification to complete kitting and inventory services, Overton Industries is a one-stop shop. Many companies come to us for more than just building a precision stamping die. They also trust us to maintain those dies and run full service production of their parts. Continue reading to see how our production process beats the other guy’s, and how our kitting services will add value to your next precision stamping die application.



1. Pre-Production Material Verification

Before any production can begin, we have to make sure the material we use meets customer specifications. Overton Industries is ITAR and DEFARS compliant, so you’ll know from the get-go that all of our material is sourced state-side. Our customers appreciate that we also re-inspect all material once it arrives in our shop to confirm supplier provided measurements.


2. Guaranteeing Your Part Meets Specifications

After the incoming material has been checked, we make sure our precision carbide lined dies are sharpened and proven for run-off. The run-off process is a trial production run and produces a first article inspection (FAI). We produce the FAI with coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) or our Keyence Image Inspection System, which guarantee that all remaining parts are being made to meet and exceed customer specifications.


3. Quality Control During Production

Once we know the parts meet customer requirements, we can start production in our climate controlled shop on our Bruderer Stamping Presses. During production, each part is thoroughly inspected for any possible imperfection. Machine operators not only check parts for any deviation from customer requirements, but also to guarantee they meet our own quality standards.


4. Further Inspection and Kitting

At Overton Industries we stand by our kitting services and the value they add to your investment. When parts leave the production line, they are carefully prepared for shipment. We weigh them again on a regularly calibrated scale to guarantee they meet customer expectations. Then they are packed and labeled per customer inventory requirements before being boxed for shipment.


5. Alternatives to Standard Shipping

Receiving a finished product can bring about its own set of headaches. Coordinating pick-up and drop-off times with a third party logistics team, or simply trusting that your order will be delivered from point A to point B without issue is stressful. At Overton, we’ll complete the production cycle and, if needed, coordinate hand-delivery of your finished goods. While we’re there we can check in and make sure all else is going well, too. 


If you haven’t already realized, Overton Industries is the whole package – pun completely intended. We will see your project through from beginning to end and be the entire supply chain. From custom military applications to stamping disks for the automotive or battery industries, whatever your unique precision stamping die need, Overton’s production and kitting process will provide the value added service you’ve been looking for from your vendor.

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