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5 Axis Machining with Infinite Possibilities

04.14.22 | Blog

If you’re looking for a machine shop capable of flexibility and efficiency, you’ve come to the right place. Overton Industries’ 5 axis machining capabilities allow larger sized materials to be machined into very complex designs, all while maintaining strict tolerances. With the Haas UMC-750 5 Axis Mill, we’re able to machine a wide variety of materials including aluminum, copper, plastics, stainless steel, titanium, tungsten, and more. Continue reading to see what other benefits two additional axes provide.


Decreased Costs

Two additional axes drastically increase machining capability and, in turn, our 5 axis mill requires fewer operator interactions. The dual-axis trunnion table’s wide range of tilt and 360 degrees of rotation mitigate the need for re-fixturing when machining all sides of a part. This saves time during set-up and programming which allows our lower labor costs to be passed on to our customers.


Reduced Lead Times

In the past few years, it seems as though project lead times have more than doubled. In an industry where time is money, it’s more important than ever to get completed parts that meet specs to our customers as quickly as possible. By utilizing reduced set-up times, decreased operator interaction, and the increased efficiency of 5 axis machining, we’re able to complete parts much more quickly. Where casting used to be the precedent for creating intricate parts, our 5 axis mill can create the same parts in weeks rather than months.


Increased Capabilities

Gone are the days of having to pause and re-fixture a part in the middle of the manufacturing process. The additional axes on our 5 axis mill allow for more complex part designs and more intricate detail work without needing to stop in the middle to reset the part. For example, in hole drilling applications, we’re now able to drill multiple holes at various angles, all while maintaining the original fixturing of the part. With so many advancements and added movements, this machine also includes collision avoidance. This ensures the cutting tool never collides with the holder or table on the machine, preventing damage to the piece part, tooling, and/or machine.


Better Finishes

The increased range of motion of our 5 axis mill allows the cutting tool to be closer to the piece part resulting in fewer vibrations, higher cutting speeds, and a cleaner finish. This reduces, and sometimes eliminates, the need to hand finish parts once they’ve been machined and keeps your project on track.



At Overton Industries, we’ve always prided ourselves in our precision machining capabilities. With constant technological advances in manufacturing, our goal is to stay at the forefront of the industry and continue providing the most advanced solutions for your machining needs. When time and money are more valuable than ever, let us help you make the most of both.

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