Resources 4 Ways Technology Improves Tube Mill Roll Tooling

4 Ways Technology Improves Tube Mill Roll Tooling

04.15.21 | Blog

​Step into the 21st century and learn how Overton’s advanced technology will improve your new or refurbished tube mill roll tooling. Below we’ll highlight some major differences between manual optical profile grinders of the 1950s and a new addition to our equipment list – an Amada GLS 150GL Optical Profile Grinder. At Overton Industries, we continually research and invest in the most current technologies to keep our customers ahead of the game.



1. 50X Magnification Improves Accuracy

Optical grinders of the past limited part magnification by only zooming in 20X the size of the tooling. Accuracy is the name of the game, and when your specs are requiring a 0.001” tolerance, increasing part magnification makes it easier for us to hit and maintain accuracy. Our CNC optical profile grinder lets us amplify up to 50X the actual size of any tube mill roll, guaranteeing a better end product.



2. Coolant Flushing Reduces Dust and Debris

It’s 2021 and everyone is working towards a greener, cleaner scene. With our CNC optical profile grinder, we don’t have to worry about carbide dust and metal debris flying into the air, or collecting on your tooling. Coolant flushes the tooling during grinding to collect all the junk that older manual grinders couldn’t trap. This ensures a healthier environment for our machinists, and a better finish on your part.



3. Wider Grinding Wheel Removes Material Quickly

The surface area of a grinding wheel determines how much material can be removed from a part. Grinding wheels on old manual machines were typically no more than 1/8″ thick. Today, our CNC optical profile grinder uses a 3/8″ wheel. By covering more surface area, the wider wheel removes more material in a fraction of the time.



4. Automation Increases Speed and Efficiency

Everyone can agree that automatic window controls in a car are way better than a manual crank. The same is true for optical profile grinders. No more manually turning the wheels from beginning to end. Automation through CNC allows a controller to program the grinding path on a part, push a button, and then step away while the machine does its magic. This increases development speed and efficiency without sacrificing part quality. 

At the end of the day, the quality of your tube mill roll tooling is what’s most important to us. By utilizing today’s technology, we can promise your new or remanufactured parts are made accurately, quickly, and efficiently. If your current suppliers just aren’t cutting it, let Overton provide the support you need to get back on track.

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