Tube Mill Tooling
One of the industries that Overton has been serving since its inception is the Tube & Pipe Industry, focusing on Tube Mill Tooling. A key component of that industry is the tube mills that supply tube and pipe to make furniture, build structures, and run pipelines for the world’s energy. As a full service tube mill supplier since 1968, Overton offers a multitude of products and services to the worlds tube mills. From the floop rolls on the front end to the last sizing station and coiler rolls to the cutoff tooling and beyond, we are a one stop shop for tube mills and their tube mill tooling. Specializing in carbide and ceramic tooling, Overton manufactures tooling for the spots where your mills wear most. While having 40+ year’s history dealing with the carbide and ceramic materials, Overton also designs and manufactures steel rolls and tooling. Applying the knowledge of materials and coatings, Overton Industries – Tube Forming Systems has been a leader in the design, build, and manufacturing of Tube Mill Tooling.

Types of Tube Mill Tooling:

  • Mill Rolls
  • Roll Design
  • Carbide Scarf Tooling (OD & ID)
  • Cutoff Tooling
  • Draw Bench Tooling
  • Stand Rebuilds
  • Mill Shafts
  • Dedimpling
  • Roll Regrinds