Tube Dies
Overton Industries began as Overton & Sons Tool & Die which then diversified into 3 different divisions. While Overton Industries – Tube Forming Systems is a different division than our Tool & Die Division, we still carry on the heritage of die building. At Tube Forming Systems, we leave the traditional stamping dies and progressive dies to our Die division and focus on dies for tubing. Whether it is a .25” tube that needs a form on the end or a 4” tube that needs a series of holes pierced in a single hit, that is where Tube Forming Systems excels. Our dies are typically ran in presses with tonnage from 20 – 100, but do have some that are outside of the norm. From part print to manufacturing of the die, Tube Forming Systems has the knowledge and expertise to design and build dies from simple to complex. What kind of form are you putting on your tube? Some of the forms that Overton has built dies for in the past are (but are not limited to):
  • Flat
  • Pierce
  • Notch
  • Draw
  • Crimp
  • Curl
  • Flare
If you need a die to form a tube in your operation, Overton is a perfect partner to bring in on any project, large and small. Contact us today to have us working for you on your project.