Short Run Production
I only need 1,000 tubes end formed. I only need 10,000 tubes end formed per year. Does this sound like your operation? It’s true, not every manufacturer needs to run 100,000 pieces per year. For those customers that only need 100 – 10,000 pieces, we have the tooling and equipment on site to run production on most of the forms and applications that we sell in our machines. Typically, Tube Forming Systems can run any tube between .5” and 6” that will run in a spin form machine. Additionally, we are constantly bringing in machines for rebuild as well as building new machines that we can use for your short run needs, so it’s not always just spin forms that we can run. If you have a project where you need 100 – 10,000 pieces, contact Tube Forming Systems with an RFQ to explain what options Overton may have for your project. For questions or projects greater than 10,000 pieces, please contact Zac Overton at