Production Stamping
As a full service Tool & Die shop, our business is to design and build stamping dies for our customers to run production . We often have our stamping die customers coming to us to run some short run production parts, prepare production contingency plans, or run some of their more difficult parts in house because of the complexity. Our lineup of equipment features:
  • 3 Bruderer 30 Ton High Speed Presses
    • 100-1400 Strokes/Min
  • 1 Verson 150 Ton Press
  • 1 Verson 500 Ton Press
  • 1 US Torpac Press – 45 Ton
  • 1 Johnson Press – 60 Ton
  • 1 B&H Draw Press – 20 Ton
  • 1 B&H Endformer Press
Whether you need 5,000 pieces from our 500 Ton press or 5,000,000 from our high speed presses, we have the experience and the manufacturing knowledge that it takes to get the job done.