Precision Machining
Overton Industries – Tool & Die Division provides a source for precision machining while utilizing cutting edge technology. Being a Tool & Die shop with a carbide background, we don’t shy away from jobs with a tolerance as low as .0002”. With over 50 CNC and traditional mills and lathes at its disposal, there aren’t many jobs that we can’t handle. In addition to the mills and lathes, the Tool & Die division incorporated 7 EDM machines, 6 Jig Grinders, as well as over 30 surface grinders. With tight tolerance capability, it is important to utilize up to date technology in your inspection department. The division uses Mitutoyo CMMs, with a max table size of 47” x 80” x 40”. Inspectors also have access to 3 Mitutoyo comparators as well as assorted microscopes. A new addition to the inspection equipment list is a Konica Minolta Range 7 Laser Scanner for non-contact digitizing. From small parts with intricate details to larger parts that require less detail but increased machining, Overton Industries – Tool & Die Division has the equipment, employees, and knowledge necessary to manufacture precision parts.