Blanking Dies
Blanking Die.2

Overton Industries has been designing and building blanking dies for almost 50 years.  Known as a world class provider of carbide inserted blanking dies, Overton can provide carbide inserted tooling that holds +/- .0002’’ cutting clearance.  With this precision, Overton is sought after by the automotive industry for manufacturing dies that produce tailored welded blanks.  This method of blanking provides two pieces of material thicknesses and welds them together to drive down the vehicles overall weight.  This method of blanking is a critical component that allows the overall miles per gallon (MPG) to increase all the while not sacrificing the vehicles safety.

Overton also builds blanking dies for the ride control industry.  These dies can run up to 1200 SPM out of full hard spring steel creating a part that’s burr free.  Using our carbide inserted designs, tooling can last well over 1 million hits before sharpening.  Overton achieves this accuracy by building the die shoes, machining the carbide, and using a zero tolerance press fit when inserting the punches to allow for an alignment that is spot on and repeatable at high speeds.

With the ability to build small high speed blanking dies all the way up to 18 ton blanking dies, Overton is your best choice because of our 50 years of experience.