Machine Die Setter & Operator


Employee will have to be able to have tolerance for stress, long term standing, able to work in noise & dirty environment wearing required PPEs, like safety glasses, ear plugs and gloves, able to work with a variety of tooling equipment, able to pass training for forklift safety and physical abilities to work in a manufacturing environment to monitor production requirements to assist in the delivery of quality products in a timely manner.



  • Setting up dies(s) in operating stamping presses (full & part revolutions).
  • Load & unload coils into press/machine.
  • Able to read gages and other measurement to insure quality requirements.
  • Ability to make needed adjustments to equipment as needed.
  • Able to calculate inventory requirements for orders.
  • Willing to assist in material ordering.
  • Be physically able to work with hand tools and read blue prints.
  • Be physically able to wear required PPEs such as ear muffs/ear plugs, safety glasses and required gloves.
  • Willing to operate/maintain equipment in and out of the department.
  • Willing to learn additional skills as needed.
  • High School diploma preferred
  • 1 to 5 years manufacturing experience
  • 1 to 5  years machine operator experience
  • 1 to 5 years stamping press experience