Tube & Pipe

Tube & Pipe For Tube Mills

If you look around, Tube & Pipe are in more items and applications that you imagine. Overton has become, over 45 years, a leader in the tube and pipe production world. While our niche since 1968 has been carbide tooling, we are also quality providers of steel and ceramic tooling. From the tube mills themselves to the secondary operations market, our hands are in many of the processes that it takes to get from a flat sheet of metal to a finished tube. It starts out with our Tube Mill tooling. From the floop rolls to forming rolls to coiler rolls, we make tube mill rolls and tooling to get the job done. Serving many of the largest mills in the Midwest, we are constantly adding new customer to the list of those satisfied with the quality and durability of the rolls that we provide. In addition to the traditional rolls, we also have experience in new and rebuilt shafts for the mill, rebuilt stands, as well as scarf tools for O.D. and I.D. scarfing. Outside of the mill, our tube dies and end formers can take the raw tube and make it into something more functional that a piece straight off the mill. Do you need to pierce it? Shape it? Expand it? Reduce it? Flare it? We can take care of all of that and more with our design and manufacturing team on your side.