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We built our business on knowing our customers and delivering custom solutions that meet their specific needs.

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We Supercharge the Battery Industry.

From mobile devices to all-electric vehicles, the demand for battery manufacturing continues to rise.

Energy storage will revolutionize how we live and work in the future. Overton plays a key role by providing custom machine and automation solutions, tooling, and dies for the battery industry. Relevant end products and applications include: Battery Wrapping Machines, Battery Molds, Electro Disk Tooling, and Electro Disk Production.

We Attack Problems for the Defense Industry.

Doing our part(s) to make the world safer.

Protecting our country and its allies demands precision and commitment. That’s exactly what Overton provides to a growing list of contractors dedicated to supplying essential defense technologies. Relevant end products and applications include: Battery Wrapping Machines and Compaction Tooling for Ballistic Armor, Aircraft Modification for Fire Suppression, and Transmission Components for Military Humvees.

We Help Fuel Productivity for the Energy Industry.

Giving energy suppliers what it takes to power the economy.

From petroleum refining and natural gas to renewables like wind and solar, the energy industry relies on precise manufacturing technologies. Overton customers include a broad spectrum of companies dedicated to helping produce or supply America’s demand for energy. Relevant end products and applications include: Transition Sleeve Assembly Machines for Natural Gas, Natural Gas Meter Pipes, Natural Gas Risers, Natural Gas Nipples, and Tool & Die details and structural components for Windmills and Solar Panels.

We Chill Out Manufacturing Issues for the HVAC Industry.

Bringing quality and reliability to an industry that supplies more than 100 million units worldwide every year.

Few manufacturing segments are more essential than heating, ventilation and air conditioning, the industry that keeps us comfortable and productive all year long. Overton is proud to help HVAC partners succeed in their mission of providing world class products and solutions in climate control technology. Relevant end products and applications include: Heat Exchangers, Condensers, Burner Assemblies, Burner Tubes, Radiant Tubes, Combustion Chambers, Gas Meter Flares, and Compressor Veins.

HVAC Industry Work Example

This major HVAC custom machine will increase the customer’s output by over 30%.

We Put the Pedal to the Metal for the Automotive Industry.

Whether moving people or transporting products, the automotive sector continues to be an engine for progress.

For over a generation, manufacturers of high performance automotive products have relied on Overton’s expertise and engineering. We’ve even served as a technical partner with Ed Carpenter Racing at the Indianapolis 500. When you’re looking for a team that will go full-throttle in meeting your automotive manufacturing needs, ride with Overton. Relevant end products and applications include: Exhaust Tube Forms, Hanger Brackets, Structural Seating Components, Locks and Latches, Shock Bodies, Ride Control Metering Disks, Steering Columns, Airbags and Seatbelt Restraints, Headliners, Door Panels, and Fuel Filler Tubes.


Automotive Industry Work Example

This 4-Station Pierce Machine was designed to create automotive steering columns.

We Deliver the Goods for the Consumer Goods Industry.

It takes precision and expertise to fill the shopping carts of a $600 billion industry.

Packaged goods in the US is nothing less than the world’s largest market segment. But getting those items to market requires parts engineered for productivity and profits. If you can manufacture goods consumers want, Overton can help you make them more efficiently. Relevant end products and applications include: Fusion Bond Rolls (Paper Products), Prototype Tooling for Zippers, Coffee Cutters for K-Cups, and Flying Cut-Off Dies & Tooling for Electrical Conduit, Hangers, and Pipe Clamps.

We Grow Profitability for the Agriculture Industry.

An industry that feeds the world relies on experience in the right fields.

From our Midwestern base, Overton is at the center of America’s agricultural heartland. That gives us a keen understanding of the needs of an industry we all rely on to grow our economy—and our families. Relevant end products and applications include: Collars on Pins, Clevises, Shafts and Linkage, Agricultural Exhaust, Roll-Over Protection System (ROPS) and Metal Posts and Gate Components.

We Keep Things Moving for the Pallet Conveyor Industry.

When products and parts flow smoothly through an enterprise, so does productivity.

Whether for manufacturing, warehousing or distribution, pallet conveyor systems are the circulatory system of any industrial operation. That means equipment that is durable, reliable and precision engineered—and that means Overton. Relevant end products and applications include: Conveyor Rollers, Automation and Material Handling, and Pallet Molds.

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