Press on with the power you need for the job.

A versatile, must-have for many manufacturers, hydraulic presses make even the most complex parts.

Over the last 15 years, Overton has become known for developing high-quality hydraulic press machines in both C-Frame/Gap and H-Frame/4-Post configurations.

We make everything from 10 to 100 ton presses to meet your fabrication needs from simple to the most complex.

Our Ruby Series of hydraulic presses come in 10 and 30 ton, are cost-effective, modular, and can fit side by side to get more done and take up less space.

Machine Features

Hydraulic Press Features 40+ Ton

4 Post Guided Ram
Heavy Duty Frame Construction
Allen-Bradley Controls
Built-In Lifting Points and Fork Tubes
LVDT For Linear Control
Safety Stopblock Standard
Available with Die Outriggers
Up to 50 Part Programs

Ruby Series (10 & 30 Ton Presses)


  •  Hydraulic unit capable of 3000 PSI with integrated oil filter
  •  Hydraulic unit mounted to frame for ease of transport
  •  Durable, high quality steel frame
  • Fork truck tubes for safe transport
  • Manual variable speed control
  • Oil reservoir with sight glass and temperature gauge
  • NFPA cylinder
  • 5” bore for 30 ton press / 3.25” bore for 10 ton
  • 24” x 20” bed size for 30 ton / 18” x 12” for 10 ton
  • Allen-Bradley Micro800 controls
  • Allen-Bradley 7” HMI screen
  • DualLite-touch buttons for cycle
  • E-Stop button
  • NEMA control box with external disconnect
  • Proximity switches for open & closed positions
  • Standard color powder coating
  • Standard anti-rotation on ram (2-post ram standard)


  • 4-post guided ram
  • Water-cooled hydraulics
  • Air-cooled hydraulics
  • Counter balance
  • Light curtain package with side hard guarding
  • Electronic ram position control on HMI
  • Electronic pressure control on HMI
  • A/C in electrical cabinet
  • Fan in electrical cabinet
  • Stack light on HMI
  • Slotted bolster plate
  • Pneumatic die lifters
  • Custom machine colors
  • 110V plug-in
  • External ethernet port

Our Process to Get You What You Need. No B.S.


Initial Design Consultation

Our sales engineers can meet at your facility or on a video conference to review the application and do a design consultation. If needed, additional design staff may be included in the meeting. Once there is a clear vision of the application desired, Overton will put together a preliminary proposal for customer review.


Refining the Scope and Proposal

Now that the proposal is in hand, we can work together to refine the application that we have proposed. We can look at mechanical systems, design, and electrical planning, understanding all the expectations and the deliverables, so that we can form the best possible solution. By the end of this process between our teams, a final quote will be issued to reflect the agreed upon solution.


Build & Deliver Tailored Solution

Now that we have agreed upon the final design, it is time to build. Our project manager will work closely with your team to keep them apprised of status as we complete the job. Once finished, your team will come to our facility for a formal runoff and approval. If needed, Overton can send our own machine technicians to your facility for further install and training. Now it is time for your team to put it into production.

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