Tube Re-Rounding Machines

When a customer couldn’t source a standard product for their unique need, they knew who could help.

Brazing is a process that joins two pieces of metal by letting a separate molten metal fill and harden in the connecting joint. When brazing tube, it’s very important to make sure both ends are perfectly rounded and leave an even gap at the seam for smooth assembly. However, when tubes are trimmed prior to brazing, it’s common for them to lose their perfectly round shape. A new customer in the HVAC industry was facing this particular problem when cutting copper tubing to length prior to brazing, so they were on the hunt for what they thought would be an ordinary solution. When no standard product could be found, Overton was able to design a re-rounding machine that met all of their requirements from safety and cycle time to portability and price.

The process was simple enough. To begin, the operator loaded a tube into the machine over an ID pilot mandrel and began the cycle. The machine automatically re-rounded the tube end to the desired diameter before it was removed. To prevent the need for tooling changeover, we designed and built eight versions of the same economical machine, each meant for a specific size of copper tubing. Each machine precisely rounded tube ranging from ½” diameter to 3 ½” diameter and allowed the customer to combine tube ends with a consistent gap for brazing. As a full service design and build shop, we were able to give our customer exactly what they were searching for but couldn’t find, all in one place.


  • HVAC
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  • Tube Re-Rounding Machines
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  • Colorado, USA
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  • Industrial Air Conditioning Units

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