Outdated Spin Form Machine Rebuild

This decades-old spin form machine may see another 50 years after a refresh from the frame up.

A company in the HVAC industry recently sought out Overton Industries to upgrade their tube end closing process. At the time, they were capping off their copper heat transfer tubing by welding a stamped part to the end of the tube. Not only did this leave opportunity for leakage at the weld seam, but it also required multiple operations to close the end of the tube. After considering their material type, thickness, and varying part numbers, we recommended a spin form closing operation. This new process would seamlessly close the end of the copper tube into itself, eliminating the need for stamped parts or secondary operations, and would leave them with a cleaner, finished part.

While our customer was thrilled with the process proposal, their budget didn’t allow for a brand new machine. To meet in the middle, we suggested rebuilding a used and outdated spinner for a fraction of the cost, then pairing the upgrade with newly designed tooling to form the perfect part. To anyone that didn’t know, this rebuilt machine would appear brand new and function in the same way. Upon approval, Overton stripped down a nearly 50-year-old Dickey & Sons spinner to the original frame. We replaced all of its inner-workings, added up-to-date safety, modern controls, and a fresh coat of paint. The end result has the customer manufacturing precision copper tube end closure parts in what looks like a brand new machine at a fraction of the cost of their old process.

Since acquiring Dickey & Sons in the early 2000s, Overton Industries has come across many well-used spinners and trimmers in need of an update. By choosing to upgrade an existing machine instead of building new, our customers receive quality equipment in record time and are able to produce parts to print for their clients at a cost that won’t break the bank.


  • HVAC Industry
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  • Spin Form Machine Rebuild
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  • Illinois, USA
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  • Heat Transfer Tubing

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