HVAC I/O Mechanical Lock Machine

This custom machine project was designed to accommodate a wide variety of parts without adding to changeover times.

A customer came to Overton with a good news/bad news problem. Their business had really grown, but as a result, they were struggling to keep up with demand. Their manufacturing team was looking for a partner to develop a custom machine to be able to mechanically lock their bent tubing to a sheet metal tray. Not only did they need this machine, but they needed it to be able to handle a wide variety of parts, consisting of different materials and different numbers of tubes and locations.

Overton responded by building a part recipe system that integrated 12 individually controlled hydraulic valves that could be adjusted based on the material and part number being run. This ability to adjust each mechanical lock station individually allowed for drastically reduced changeover times and less scrap.

Each situation calls for a different solution. Lucky for you, Overton has solved many types of problems already and can bring that experience to your project. From gantry transfer systems to robotic integration to load/unload systems, we have the ability to take you from where you are now to where you want to go.


  • HVAC
  • Machine Type

  • Custom I/O Mechanical Lock
  • install location

  • Texas, USA
  • End Use

  • Furnace Sub-Assemblies

The flexibility that was designed into this machine is going to help our manufacturing team meet our commitments. Without having Overton involved in this project, I don’t think that our production would have been able to keep our customers happy.

– Operations Leader
Major HVAC Manufacturer

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