Handheld Plug Puller

Handheld automation streamlines a remanufacturing process, saving time and adding efficiency.

Turbochargers are becoming a common feature in automobiles as a means to improve vehicle performance and power without sacrificing fuel productivity. To adequately provide for this growing market, one of our customers has added remanufactured turbochargers to their product line.

In order to remanufacture turbochargers to like-new condition, the unit is completely stripped. Everything is taken apart, major reusable components are cleaned, and new wear components are installed. In attempts to make this rebuild process as efficient as possible, the customer sought our assistance in streamlining one of the dismantling steps. Previously they used screwdrivers and hammers to pry outdated plugs from the bearing housing of recycled turbos. Not only could this process be timely, but it also put the bearing housing at risk of damage.

Our solution was to develop an automated plug puller. This handheld machine is suspended from a tool balancer for ease of use and is hydraulically powered with a small, hidden cylinder. To operate, a worker lowers the tool and lines it up flush with the plug to be removed. While simultaneously pressing and holding two thumb activation buttons, the gripping fingers expand within the plug until the appropriate pressure is reached, grab onto the plug, and pull the plug out. After the cycle is complete, the operator releases the thumb controls and everything returns to the home position.

Our customer was more than satisfied to add this automated step to their disassembly process. Not only are they saving time and energy with an efficient, easy-to-use unit, but they’re also no longer at risk of damaging the bearing housing of the turbocharger units by gouging them with a screwdriver.


  • Automotive
  • Project Type

  • Handheld Plug Puller
  • install location

  • South Carolina, USA
  • End Use

  • Remove Plugs from Bearing Housing of Turbocharger

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