Four Cell Machine Package

Timing couldn’t have been better for a customer in the automotive industry looking for four machines and quick turn-around.

Overton Industries Tube Forming Systems specializes in building equipment for many tube end forming applications. We regularly have standard machines nearly complete and in-stock awaiting a customer to purchase and confirm final specifications before shipment. In a recent case of a client in the automotive industry, these stocked options were the ticket to an incredibly quick turn-around – just what they needed to continue producing cooling system parts for a Tier 1 automotive company.

To produce their cooling system parts, our customer was in need of a 10 Ton Press, Spin Form, Roll Form, and Trim machine. At the time of inquiry, we had all but the Roll Form machine in stock. Knowing all four pieces of equipment were absolutely necessary, we offered the customer an interim fix while we could build a brand new Roll Form machine for long-term use. Outside of designing and building new machines, Overton also refurbishes used equipment, and it just so happened we had a used roll form machine on hand.

This project began with the completion of a new stocked press, spinner, and trimmer to customer specifications, along with updating the used roll form machine to suit their immediate needs. The rehabbed machine was leased for approximately 90 days while a brand new one was built, and as soon as it was finished, the used was swapped for new. Not only did this option meet the customer’s short term requirements by preventing any hiccup to their production process, it also guaranteed long-lasting success with four brand new machines that will stand up to their requirements.

Other features of this project included a custom die, which was used in the 10 Ton Press to pierce temperature sensor holes. Additionally, since completing the four cell package, we’ve assumed some stop-gap production work from the customer to run low volume after-market parts in house. Our desire is to always help our customers meet their goals and deliverables no matter the situation.


  • Automotive Industry
  • Project Type

  • 4 Cell Machine Package, Custom Die, & Refurb/Lease Option
  • install location

  • Ohio, USA
  • End Use

  • Cooling System Parts for Tier 1 Automotive Company

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