Carbide Faced Tooling for Electronics Recycling

With our extensive background and knowledge in carbide applications, productivity grew 5 times for a new customer in the recycling industry.

When a recycling company out of California did a Google search for “Carbide Tooling,” their hope was to find a manufacturer who could troubleshoot a current process and recommend a better solution. They received just that and the result was more than they could have hoped for.

In the customer’s original process of recycling outdated electronic equipment, sets of 8 carbide-faced hammers were strategically placed on a 42-inch rotary table to shatter scrapped hardware. Due to the impacting force of this process, each set of 8 hammers only lasted around 8 hours before they were completely unusable and had to be replaced. While the process clearly worked, the customer was seeking an option that would last substantially longer before tooling changeover was necessary.

After multiple trials and various material combinations, all it took was a material update to extend the life of the customer’s current tooling design. We recommended the base of the hammers be made from a specific grade of tool steel instead of cast iron, and that the grade of tungsten carbide on the hammer face be changed to a more appropriate grade for the application. With the help of one of our long-time material partners, Overton was able to supply a custom grade of carbide that dramatically improved the performance and longevity of the tooling.

Now the newly manufactured hammers made of more appropriate materials are lasting up to 42 hours before requiring changeover, 5 times as long as before.  It just goes to show that while an overall process might not be broken, a simple adjustment can turn an outcome from ordinary to extraordinary.

Do you have a process that could be better? Contact us today to see if a material modification could be the key to increasing your output.


  • Recycling
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  • Special Carbide Faced Hammers
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  • California, USA
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  • Electronics Recycling

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