Automated 5-Hit Ram End Forming Cell

Integrating existing equipment to create a new streamline process in the automotive industry.

Many times customers come to us to help them streamline a current process or integrate existing equipment into a new multi-step application. In the case of a long-standing, repeat customer in the automotive industry, we did just that. By incorporating the customer’s existing part hopper we were able to keep costs down and update a process with which they were already familiar.

To begin the fuel filler tube manufacturing process, the customer’s existing part hopper loaded two 304 stainless steel tubes into a laser reading orientation station. This station read a strategically placed bar code on each tube in order to locate the weld seam and guarantee identical forms on each finished part. Once the weld seam was detected, a gantry system transitioned the parts to a dual clamp block on a 5-hit ram end form machine where the rotary indexing head completed five full hits and expanded the ID of the tube from 27mm to 42mm. Finally, the formed parts were moved to a class 5 leak testing and laser engraving station where they were tested for air tightness and laser marked per print requirements.

This specific customer selected Overton Industries to customize their manufacturing application because we’d created tailored solutions for them in the past. Establishing a lasting relationship with our customers and giving them a reason to return is one of the most important parts of our process. In the end, not only did this machine deliver the desired operational improvement, but it also provided a fast return on the customer’s capital investment, a win/win for supplier and customer.


  • Automotive
  • Project Type

  • Custom End Forming Cell
  • install location

  • Indiana, USA
  • End Use

  • Fuel Filler Tube

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