30 Ton Press with Pierce & Extrude Dies

A stock machine and experience were just what the customer ordered.

As is the case with most manufacturing processes, time is money. The more quickly and efficiently you can get product assembled and out the door, the more money you stand to make. When an existing customer in the automotive industry was in a time-crunch to produce automotive exhaust assemblies, they reached out to see what Overton could do to help. As it turned out, we not only had many years of experience in designing and building the die they’d need to manufacture the part, but we also had an in-stock 30-ton press ready to customize and partner with the dies.

To create the automotive exhaust tubes necessary, Overton designed and built a dual-station pierce and extrude die for the in-stock 30-ton press. In step one of manufacturing the exhaust tubes, an operator loaded raw tube into the first station of the die where the part was pierced in a precise location. Next, the operator moved the pierced tube to station two and simultaneously placed a new raw tube in station one. As the machine cycled again, it concurrently extruded the pierced tube in station two and pierced the new tube in station one. This process repeated until all raw parts had made it through both die stations.

By utilizing an in-stock press instead of building from scratch, the customer was able to get a brand new machine in a fraction of the time. Additionally, the two-station die eliminated the need for tooling changeover and efficiently produced multiple tube forms at the same time. When all was said and done, our customer reaped nothing but benefits from a quick sales cycle and efficient part production.

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  • Automotive Exhaust
  • Project Type

  • In-Stock Press and Custom Dual Station Die
  • install location

  • Indiana, USA
  • End Use

  • Automotive Exhaust Coolant Tubes

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