22 Station Swage Machine

An HVAC industry leader needed an ergonomic and efficiency upgrade to a long-standing product.

Not long ago, we received an inquiry from a customer in the HVAC industry looking for suggestions to make their current process of assembling commercial heat exchangers more efficient. Up to this point the customer had been manually locking the burner tubes to their corresponding formed panel, one tube at a time. Not only was this process incredibly cumbersome for the employee, but maintaining consistency in quality proved to be more difficult over time. They were ready for an update that would allow for a more ergonomic assembly process and also guarantee a nearly identical repeatable part in a fraction of the time.

With previous experience in this type of application, Overton designed and built a custom swaging machine that checked all the boxes on our customer’s wish list. To begin the updated process, an operator placed a burner panel on the machine bed. The operator then added the appropriate number of burner tubes to the panel holes per part requirements. Next, the operator touched both dual finger sensors to initiate the cycle and the machine automatically expanded the burner tubes both above and below the panel with auto-rotating tooling, locking each tube in place. Finally, the auto-unload feature lifted the burner tube assembly off the machine and shuttled it to a discharge conveyor.

Each step of the updated process brought added value to our new customer’s process. Mechanically locking the tubes and panels in one cycle exponentially improved the assembly time per part in comparison to their former manual process, enhancing efficiency and quality of production. Poka-yokes reduced margin for error, auto-rotating tooling guaranteed a consistent lock, and the auto-unload feature provided ergonomic aide to the operators. In the end, Overton provided a one-stop turnkey solution that included improved machine capabilities and features aimed at operator comfort.


  • HVAC
  • Project Type

  • Custom Swaging Machine
  • install location

  • Mexico
  • End Use

  • Commercial Heat Exchangers

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