15 Ton Servo Press

A long-time customer needed an updated and cost-effective process for a new product – they knew just who to call.

When an automotive exhaust customer with years of industry experience developed a new line of existing product, it just made sense to re-connect with a team who had helped with similar processes many times before. Previously, Overton Industries designed and built several sets of converter stuffing dies for the customer’s use. This time they also needed a machine to manufacture a new line of catalytic converters. With existing knowledge of the final part and process, Overton was able to create a cost-effective solution for the customer’s latest design.

In this updated process, our new machine was integrated into an existing robotic cell. First, an operator loaded the converter shell into the new 15 Ton Servo Press. Next, a robot loaded the converter catalyst. The servo press then cycled by lowering the catalyst insert and pressing it into the converter shell at a pre-determined depth. The combined part was raised and ready for the next step of assembly to ultimately form a large diesel engine exhaust system.

A long-standing working relationship allowed the customer to trust Overton’s insight in developing a manufacturing solution that fit, and by integrating a new machine into an existing robotic cell, that solution was incredibly cost-effective. By utilizing a robotic cell to load the converter catalyst, the manufacturing process also became more efficient and streamlined, allowing employees to be utilized in the most beneficial way for overall production.


  • Automotive Exhaust
  • Project Type

  • 15 Ton Servo Press
  • install location

  • Indiana, USA
  • End Use

  • Catalytic Converters

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