Reports To: Division Leader

Develops gauging setup and surface plate procedures, draws patterns and templates. Inspects a variety of parts and tools to provide inspection devices and fixtures for use in machining or assembly, using blueprints, formulas, trigonometry, and precision measuring instruments.

  • Analyzes inspection problem by comparing part with blueprints or sketches, and devises procedures necessary to measure specified dimensions.
  • Lays out part on surface plate or CMM to verify dimensions, using master gages, indexing heads, gage blocks, comparators, verniers, micrometers, and indicators.
  • Develops and draws patterns and templates used to measure curves and angles.
  • Analyzes defective parts to determine reasons for dimensional variations, such as faulty machining or assembly procedures, setup, tools, or fixtures.
  • Recommends corrective procedures to design, methods, process, or production engineering departments.
  • Communicates with coworkers and supervisors to receive instructions and coordinate activities.

  • QUALIFICATIONS: High School diploma or technical school education or equivalent, with mathematics emphasis. Between 4 and 10 years of work related experience. Trade or vocational quality training recommended. Considerable mental and visual effort.