Final Finisher – Polishing
Reports To: Operations Manager

Laps metal objects, such as gages and machined parts to specifications within tolerances as fine as 0.0001 inch, applying knowledge of abrasives and lapping procedures. Grinds and sands contoured metal surfaces to mirror finish, using hand tools.

  • Measures work pieces with instruments, compares work piece dimensions with specifications to ascertain amount of stock to be removed, and estimates number of lapping strokes required.
  • Selects abrasive tools according to operation and dimensions specified.
  • Manipulates hand tools, such as files, stones, and emery cloth, to smooth surfaces.
  • Visually and tactually inspects surfaces for flaws and smoothness.
  • Manipulates powered hand grinder to remove bead, grind curved surfaces to specified radii, remove machining marks, and smooth die surfaces.
  • Measures work pieces to verify conformance to specifications, using special gages.

    High school diploma or equivalent required. Between 1 and 2 years of trade school, vocational education, work experience, or apprenticeship training.