Many toolmakers are using first class technologies to machine and process metal of different kinds into high quality products. Overton & Sons has added a fifth exclusive capacity to the four common competitive business areas. The uniqueness of Overton’s fifth exclusive capacity and strength are simply communication and hands on interaction with customers and theirs problems and special needs that results in a unique partnership about the products where the responsibility is shared in a multi-faceted and fair extended relationship. This is what puts Overton & Sons at the top of the Competition! First: Consistent quality Second: Competitive timing Third: Competitive price Forth: Cutting edge technology and innovative corporate culture Fifth: Communication and hands on interaction Ola Pettersson, President, Alomet Technologies, Inc., Huntsville, AL
A precision tool and die company has received a form punch used in progressive dies, from their customer. Our customer was needing the form punch made out of D2 tool steel and they did not have prints but, they have the form punch from an existing die made in Japan. The precision tool and die shop shipped the form punch to our Reverse Engineering department on Monday. By Tuesday afternoon we had a complete 3D model. On Wednesday our customer had machined the D2 detail and shipped the part to their customer. Two day later I received this “That’s a beautiful thing. You da man. Thanks !!!!!!!!” “Just wanted to let you know that the scan and model worked great. The details are done and on the way to the customer.” R & D Custom Machine